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The bridge between Bryant and Lionel messi
Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011 at 5:08 AM (Public Entry)
The bridge between Bryant and Lionel messi
According to reports: Lionel messi cheap jerseys is always enjoy watching NBA during his spare time, Spain, the newspaper news, recently he received a gift from the 10th cheap jerseys. What is worth mentioning, remarkably, the cheap jerseys is special for messi custom, his name and number printed in purple shirt. Vice President of international operations in the NBA is invited the Barcelona star watching the game replica watches on October 7, but the lakers because international relations, Lionel messi for site. The cheap jerseys in the NBA, and in the name of the lakers, Lionel messi after receipt of very happy to hear the NBA, in his invitation Barcelona basketball and the lakers game after, small flea appears very excited.
But he told the other, he will follow Argentina in a friendly in Japan together, so he can't go to watch basketball field. When he heard that messi usually like basketball, vice chairman of the NBA right state ", welcome to American see Watches little Argentina free of any one game, they will receive the VIP anytime. In fact, to look at macy's game, the lakers don't through official Bryant is his master's fans, as long as he arrived in the United States, want to get a VIP tickets fundamental. Bryant in the locker room Rolex hanging messi signed poster: "there is no doubt that he is the world's best player, one of the productive and Lionel messi very expressive pitch, every time he will play more powerful than last time,". Because messi, Bryant is often watched the Barcelona game, before his idol is ronaldinho, ronaldinho to SAN siro later, Bryant's favorite ugg players became Lionel messi. Two time, Bryant on the poster locker cupboard door always change.
In April this year, when the lakers superstar, charge in October to Barcelona play game, must fit in with Lionel messi cheap jerseys meet. Unfortunately, Lionel messi in that walks internationals, he himself also regret. Fortunately, Lionel messi with kobe Bryant is still having time to meet.